A Letter From Our Directors

It may be difficult to imagine the first eight months of the 2019/2020 fiscal year, the time we longingly refer to as “BP” or before the pandemic. Yet, during that time, the staff at AHP were busy doing this mission-driven work: caring for clients, designing trainings, hiring staff, holding fundraisers, and producing four-star monitoring reports. We rolled out our new black and brown inclusive rainbow stripe logo, installed a contemporary reception desk, and began an intensive trauma-based training for our counselors. When the pandemic hit, many of our staff and clients were traumatized by memories of the fear, uncertainty and loss during the AIDS epidemic. With inspiring strength, we witnessed them transform their worry into action to respond to another pandemic.

Our 2020 story, like so many, is one of fortitude: of a world- class team, the wild resiliency of clients and the stepping up of our donors. With dedication, ingenuity, and resourcefulness the staff responded to the pandemic rapidly to keep our clients safely in care, while swiftly developing systems for onsite appointments and work-from- home rotations, finding technology for themselves and our clients to institute telehealth. Meanwhile, our remote team members squirreled away in tiny apartments, with children, roommates, and noisy neighbors, in search of privacy. It became abundantly clear, that the staff is laser-focused on making sure our clients are well taken care of.

During the early summer, as we watched another era of racial reckoning fuse following the murders of George Floyd Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery; we asked ourselves, “What can we do to contribute to anti-racism?” The staff organized “Pride is Protest” for our annual LGBTQ Pride event. We then hired a consultant to guide our entire organization in the long overdue process of addressing power, privilege and white supremacist policies. We are on the journey to become a passionate anti-racist organization.

This period has taught us so much about the people getting care at AHP, those working here and about ourselves. We are all connected in this world and need one another to make things better. We are better because of you.

James Dilley

James W. Dilley, MD
Executive Director

Lori Thoemmes

Lori Thoemmes

Lives Changed

Our Services

Training & Research

Build Knowledge and Capacity. AHP trains HIV test counselors, mental health and substance abuse professionals, and staff from agencies seeking to foster a well-informed, client-centered, culturally competent, stigma-free environment.

Discover While Serving. HIV and LGBTQ healthcare leads AHP staff to recognize gaps and develop ideas for filling them. AHP researches new approaches to HIV prevention and LGBTQ mental health.

Accessing Services

Most of AHP’s services, except for Sexual Health Services and drop-in support groups, require an intake appointment. For more info, contact us at 415-476-3902. Call Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11 am or by phone Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 11 am.

To get more information on all of our programs go to AHP’s homepage:


Mental Health & Substance Use

Help People Help Themselves. Individual and group support, immediate intervention for people in crisis, and psychiatric assessment and medications management. Most mental health and support services are free; some have income or insurance status limits.

Meet Folks Where They Are. Harm reduction—individual substance use counseling, case management, and group support—creates a constructive and effective setting for addressing mental health and substance use concerns.

Sexual Health Services

Sex Is Good, Sex Is Fun, Get Tested, Stay Safe
HIV and STD testing empowers people with information. For appointments, go to AHPTest.org to make your HIV/STD test appointment or call us at

415-502-TEST (8378)

AHP also provides clean syringes to people who inject drugs and runs one of the city’s PrEP navigation programs, helping people assess whether PrEP is right for them and, if so, access it.

Support Groups & Wellness Workshops

Connect People Together. Support and therapy groups help people build community and address mental health and wellness topics together. Groups vary in the number of weeks they last and in their target audience. Some focus on specific populations or topics.

Feel Better Than Ever. AHP also uses the power of community to promote a world of well-being through workshops and forums on both LGBTQ and HIV-related topics.

Fiscal Year 2020, Financial Report

Our Donors

We are extremely grateful for the in-kind donors, especially the artists, vendors, and volunteers who make our fundraising efforts possible.

$25,000 - $75,000

Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts

Sophia Toh

$10,000 - $25,000

Cynthia Farner

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

$5,000 - $10,000

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Bob Ross Foundation

Champion Scaffold Services

Compass Real Estate

James W. Dilley, MD & Jorge O. Morales

Les Gottesman (In memorium) & Megan Lehmer

Hon. James C. Hormel & Michael Nguyen

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kaiser Permanente (Community Giving)

Carole Elaine Long Presidio Bay Ventures

Chance Kaleimakalii Ramos & Georg Krammer

Lisa Sergi

Kate Shumate

SJ Cimino Electric, Inc.

The UCSF/SFGH Department of Psychiatry

West Builders, Inc

James Wright

$2,500 - $5,000


Julie Armistead & Fred McNear

Susan Breall

Tracey Broadman & Heather Weiss

Susan & Michael Carmody

Conco Commercial Concrete Contractors

Shirley & Stephen Cookston

Mary Corrigan

Meg & Thomas Cosby

James Dax

Christian Dowell

Carrie Farrell

Heyward Fellows

Theresa Gala

Dee Hampton

Anthony & George Harrison, MD

Lesbians for Good

Robert Marks & Saul Rosenfield

Ryan McKeel Bérénice Mettler

Stephan P. Ouellette & Dennis Gilbert

Uma Rani Iyli & Gunja Gargeshwari

Reginald Snowden

Richard & Margaret Tempero

Randy Thueme

Diane B. Wilsey

Wolf Family Foundation

$1,000 - $2,500

Adirondack Foundation


James Bacchi & William Scott Balentine

Janet Brayer

Joseph Brennan

Andrew Chandler

City Front Plumbing, Inc.

Community Thrift Store

Christine Coroneo

Marc Corra

Alex Damalas

Philip & Sheri De Carlo

Frank Duff


Eye Gotcha

Peter Farmer

Frederick Felman


Braulio Garcia & Gerardo Rodriguez

Linda Gebroe

DK Haas & Trish Tunney

Emily Hale & Lucia Matioli

James Hall

Nikki Hampton

Brad Hare, MD & Gary Larioza

Katie & Jason Kaneko

Gregory Kerr

Koff & Associates, Inc.

Karen Kramer

Mary Lehane

Jacqueline Leigh Page

Denise Lepley

Enchi Liu

Christopher Loental

Catherine Mackey

Dennis Madura

Kevin Mosley & Mark Randall

August Ochabauer

Park Cafe Group

Amanda & Didier Perrot

J. Scott Evans & Will Crockett

Paul Stoffel

Janice Stone

Julie Trestman

Grace & Benjamin Vong

Bridget Wagner & Corrine Hogan

$500 - $1,000

John Alexander & Paul Morin

Roy Bateman

Cecilia Bertoldi

Camo Bortman & Dwayne Shanz

Steve Capell & Randall Robertson

Michelle Cataldo & Bard Adler

Joseph Cecere

Suzanne Coffman & Yolanda Ferraloro

Emily Drabant Conley & Erin Conley

Tim Connolly & Kit Chow

Cheryl A Dajczak & Jeanne Hauser

Nancy Dickerson

Aryane Giranasi

Kathryn Gordon & Bruce Hallman

Mahsa Hakimi

James Harrison

Horizons Foundation

Frederick Hosking

Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc.

Harriet Katz

James Landau

Kristi McCahon

Nancy & Cristian Miranda

Jamie Moran

Sonya Moreno

Beth C. Newman

Linda Pantoskey

Planet Labs

Elizabeth Puccinelli

Cynthia Rainey

John Randell & Kevin Berry

Robert Retana

Lance Retherford

Robert Ripps & Steven Spector

Lisa Roth

Greta & Emmanuel Schnetzler

Jo Sellers

Barton Shulman

Amelia M Simon

Elizabeth Shober Smith & Colleen Smith

Amy & Matthew State

Phil & Stacey Tomey

David Tsai

Joe Tuohy

Geoff Van den Brande

Frank Van Duerm

Herb Williams

Scott Williams & Scott Walton

Danielle Wohl

Jeffrey L Wolf & Joanne Otani

$250 - $500

Thomas D Atkins

Cristina Azzola

Matt & Elisa Baker

Travis Becker

Robert Bregoff

Peter Brunner

Carol Camlin

Doug Case & David Silven

Richard Childress & M. Jay Sanders

Margaret & Greg Damiano

Renee de Cossio & Rhett Currier

Cristel de Rouvray

Jacqueline Dominguez

Tom Ferris & Rudy Pedrazo

Julie Feuer

Scott Finsthwait

Dan Flanagan

Cara Gagliano & Jack Perry

Tony Gallo

Sandra Ghilarducci

Hannah Greinetz

Gary N. Grossman, PHD

Bob Hancock

Hannah Holmes

Scott Holmes

Laura Honda

David L. Hone

Victoria Hoven

Cynthia Hunton & Dennis Murphy

Pam Johansen

Kadija L. Johnston

Randall Kostick

Maggie Law

John Link & Sophia Green

Phoebe & Conan McHugh

Matt McKinley

Scott Mertzlufft

National Instruments Employee Matching Program

John Osthaus

Barbara Peterson

Irene Pleasure

Paul & Carol Reid

Samantha Sanders

Barry Schlesinger

Jen Shockey

Kevin & Lucinda Suttle

Holly Stevens

Lori Thoemmes & Susan Weigle

Kirk A. Vedas Sindy Wan

$100 - $250

Joseph Abbati

Amy Allen

Ali Aminian

Michele Anderson

Margot Antonetty

Joseph D. Aranda

Chris Arnold

Carrington Arredondo

Marietta Asemwota

Dena Aslanian-Williams

Ketan Aswani

Stephanie Avakian

Michelanne Baker

Robert Bateman

Dan Beaman

Melanie Jeanne Beck

Sandra Beck

Laura Berner

Alison Bing

Megan Bolton

Elizabeth Bontrager

Ani Boursalian

James Boyd

Carlos Brache

Suzy Brady

Marilyn Brown & Meredith Rogers

Allison Cavanagh

Anant Chander

Sam Chasse

Danielle Clark

Kathleen Corrigan

Lisa Creed

Ra Criscitiello

Susan DArcangelo

Tim Davenport

Whitney Davis & Benny Garcia

Bench Deagle & Johnny Botts

Jessica Donohue

Ron Drago

Jean Duncan

Lynn Duncan

John F. Dynia

Diana Elrod

John P. Esterle & Mary Beth Reticker

Shirin Etessam

Yvette Fagan

Randy Figures

Adda Fleiner

Anessa Flentje

Julie Frank

CJ Frosch

Carla Garbis

Miriam Garfinkel & Maggie Hochfelder

Gregg Gerst & Troy Corpening

Susan Getman & Donald Kelley, Jr.

Murtuza Ghadiali, MD & Christopher Wardell

Levi Gharagozian

Laurie Ghielmetti

Gilead Sciences, Inc. Employee Matching Program

Ken Gladstone & Eliseo Amezcua

Ellen Goldstein

Gordon Goode & Bob King

Theresa Green

Bryant Gudoz

Shawn Hall

Richard Hanson & Steve Rogers

Douglas C. Harris

Joan Hauser

Anka Hedlund

Reggie Hillmon

Bradford R. Hise & John Downey

James Hogan

Emma Holmes

Xiaoming Hu

Shane Humphreys

Mr. & Mrs. Janes

Adri Jayaratne

Annette Johnson

John A. Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark David Johnson

Ira Kahn

Beanie Kaman & Michael Freitas Wood

John Kamikihara

Ghazal Karimpour

Mary Kealy

Ladi Khoddam

Cindy Kim

Dianne Kirchner

Martin Klumpp

Thomas L. Kocon

Katy Kuhn

Alp Kutlu

Mary Ladd

Heather Ladov

Ave Lambert

Esther Landau & Caroline Pincus

Michael Lawrence

Barbara Leavitt

Calvin Lee

Toni Littlejohn

Gloria Liu

Yan Liu

Suzanne Luger

Rachel Lord

Edwin Lozada

Emma Mallonee

Alex Martinez

Amy Matarazzo

Ramón Matos

Darrell McElvane

Judy Minton

Michelle Mongan

Bluford Moor

Ashley Munro

Jessie Murphy

Francisco Nanclares

Dena Narbaitz

Ellise Nicholson

Melesio Nunez

Said Nuseibeh

Sean O’Donnell

Diane Olivier

Kathleen Ortiz

Katherine Peksa

Miguel Peralta

Tom Perrault

Edward Plant

Tim Pogar

Jose Portillo

Todd Quackenbush & Joseph Roybal

Michele Quiroga

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Inc.

Ben Ramsden-Stein

Jenny Rauh

Rachel Reynard

Tiffany Rico

Josh Ridless

Megan Rilla

Liz Rockett

Laura Rodriguez

Nicholas Romero

Ali Saif

Francis Salmeri & Kevin Ward

Susan Scheer

William Scherer

Edward E. Schiffer

Annette & Mark Schutz

Peter Scott

Stephen Scott

Martha Shumway

Steven Speier

Amanda Staab

Lauren Stahl

Ioana Staiculescu

Ellen Stein

Danielle Stephens

Andrew Strawbridge

Anna Szarnicki

Ninette Tan

Denise Tarantino

Chuan Teng

The San Francisco Foundation

James Toy

Tym Tschneaux

Tim Tune

William & Patricia Tunney

Fred & Mary Ulrich Rob Van Dale

Steven Vettel & Brian Banuelos

Marc Wallis

Thomas H. Warner

Kacie Watkins

Anisha Weber

Lisa Weindorf

Wells Fargo Foundation

Tanya Wissman

Edith Wollin

Hez Wollin

Sarah Wong

Holly & Albert Wong

Bill Woods

Joyce C. Ycasas

Jonathan William Yee

Siqing Zhang

Mark A. Ziering


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