Submission Guidelines

The spirit behind Art from Home is to provide a space for members of our community to share their stories, express themselves creatively, and connect with others as a way to encourage healthy mental health practices. To submit to Art from Home, please fill out the google form found here.

  • The file type must be an image
  • Images must be of the highest resolution possible.
  • The dimensions of the image must be no larger than 1800px (width) and 900px (height).
  • The file name should be formatted as “Title.Lastname”. Example: “MonaLisa.DaVinci” and “NotStarryNight.Anonymous”
  • The submission must be an original work.

To foster this space, please consider the following guidelines for content:

  • Pieces cannot be overtly demeaning to others
  • Pieces cannot include personal attacks
  • Pieces cannot depict images that are physically violent

If you have any questions about our Submission Guidelines please contact us directly at [email protected].