Birds on Wires with Tea Sky

Mixed Media
16" x 16"
Signature on the back


Vintage watch parts sewn onto quilt from silk remnants hand-dyed with artichoke tea (in walnut floating frame)

Retail Price: $750

Minimum Bid: $250

Buy It Now: $1125


Rachel Leibman

Rachel created this piece after the start of the pandemic lockdown. She’d been at home, and creating art at home led her in a more intimate and modest direction. At first, she was unable to produce art at all, careening between anxiety and downright panic. But as boredom set in, Rachel collected plants, spices and condiments from the kitchen, backyard and neighborhood, and made big smelly pots of dye on the stovetop. She sat in front of the television for hours and wrapped thread around silk in a tie-dyeing technique she learned on a recent trip to India. She was rewarded with some unexpected and remarkable colors – an achievement which made her feel ridiculously gratified. Dyeing and quilting are so elemental, skills which felt right to embrace in this time of isolation. She also decided to continue with her Chrono series and incorporate watch parts into the quilts, not only because watch parts are lovely and exquisite, but because they provide such a wonderful metaphor for so many aspects of life. Even as we shelter-in-place and pause our regular activities, time just marches on with no regard for this intermission.