Disapproving Bunny - Fun Size and Original

3" x 7" (2 Pieces)
Signature on the back


Plaster with paper collage, ink and acrylic paint. Two pieces.

Retail Price: $500

Minimum Bid: $175

Buy It Now: $750


Fuzz E. Grant

The Disapproving Bunny series focuses on humans making room for animals and the general disapproval that animals have for our behavior. Fun Size and Original are examples of bunnies who have been blasted with the detritus of human consumption. Fuzz is constantly inspired by animals, nature, pattern and color. He explores the relationship between animals and humans in the hope that people will notice and make room for other beings. He loves animals that are angry and he uses "cute" animals to reinforce the strength of their outrage at human behavior. His work process starts with initial sketches and then he works largely organically to build out the piece in many layers. Fuzz has a large supply of materials in his studio to grab and place spontaneously. He works intuitively with no real plan, letting the work evolve. There is a lot of tearing and reworking areas, adding more and more layers until he is happy with the result. Recently Fuzz has been exploring adding more 3D elements to the work, either through the building of sculptural paper elements or physically extending the piece from the wall.