Drawings & Prints
15" x 12"
Signature on the front


Black and white line etching on copper

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David Avery

A practitioner of traditional black and white etching in San Francisco for over 30 years, David has long been drawn to the works and techniques of the master etchers and engravers of the past 400 years, as well as their literary counterparts. He often finds in them inspiration or a point of departure for his own work—a bridge between past thought and contemporary issues, one that sheds light in a unique way. Often the depiction of mythological themes in these works contained political references mirroring the concerns of the day. He tries to utilize the same techniques with regard to current curses of humanity. We seem to live in an age where words, images and objects have been looted of meaning. So David has come to think of the etchings he makes as being miniature Rorschachs, acting upon the experiences and senses of both the careful viewer and the artist. The associations and perceptions thus provoked belong to the viewer, and override any preconceived intentions he may have had. However, the tonalities and depth that can be achieved with the medium can be made to heighten the viewer’s perceptual receptivity, awakening unforeseen and unlikely associations.