The Glory of the Dark Woods

6" x 8"
Signature on the back


Oil on Panel

Retail Price: $500

Minimum Bid: $175

Buy It Now: $750


Linda Larson

The simplest access to an alternative existence, which is silent, intimidating, and transformative is when Linda is submerged in water. She is immersed in a sparkling magical world completely at odds with life above. She feels nothing but the tenuous connection of her breath and experience of weightlessness to live briefly as other beings and matter. In her work colors move from dark to light, organic forms from nature move from our hand in its manipulation to its demise. Vanishing shapes and mysterious creatures surface, fade, and play within the space of the painting making even the blandest and bleakest hopeful in forms that can bloom and fade in an allegory moment. Oil painting is Larson’s preferred medium. Recently she’s been adding wax as part of her process. she works in many layers; she can choose to interrupt the paint to excavate earlier ideas, sometimes deciding to show a calm veneer beneath another image. Similar to the world below the skin of water, she wants to give the illusion of depth translucency and mystery. She wants you to allow yourself to be lost in the moment and look beneath the surface.