High Rise

Mixed Media
14.75" x 14"
Signature on the back


Assemblage sculpture using recycled wood and paper, hang ready

Retail Price: $800

Minimum Bid: $275

Buy It Now: $1200


Robin Dick

Robin’s process starts with the central element — and around this, everything is built. She begins to form a world within this frame, based upon composition, iconic symbolism, scale, color, and material.As Robin begins to arrange objects together—adding and subtracting— she moves forward, never feeling satisfied until she’s reached what she feels is a visual absolute. The merging of her personal feelings with the alchemy of textures, color, and materials is key. It’s rare that a piece is meticulously planned; it’s a very spontaneous process. Though these pieces are outwardly an assembly of visual elements, the work’s origin stems from her intuition and emotions.