Isolement: How Alone We Are

19" x 25"
Signature on the front


Oil on canvas, hang ready

Retail Price: $700

Minimum Bid: $250

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Sophia Green

Sophia’s current work investigates language, how it is continually evolving, and how it relates to our thinking and conceptualization. This painting uses visually abstract, concrete and representational imagery with the “concrete” aspect of a word’s definition brought into question by the abstract background. The changing way we think is further embodied by the representational image of the horse from the Palaeolithic Lascaux Caves, located in present day France, illustrating an early form of communication. Definitions change with our thinking and culture. A related aspect is her exploration of the definitions and uses of a given word, in this case, “Isolation”, in different languages. Because of the pandemic, “isolation” has become an international zeitgeist and the universality of isolation in the human condition is touched upon in this work. The use of different languages in the series serves to underscore the geographical isolation of countries and peoples and strikes the viewers with the “thought isolation” derived by languages differing from their mother tongue. Sophia has been creating fine art at her studio in San Francisco for the past two decades. She has exhibited in galleries, including; Carne Mundi, SOMARTS, Fort Mason Artists Gallery, City Art Gallery and The Drawing Room.