Japanese Dictionary

Mixed Media
21" x 20"
Signature on the back


Japanese Dictionary on a birch panel

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Minimum Bid: $175

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Nance Miller

This piece is made from a Japanese Dictionary on a birch panel. The pages used for the tree and sun/moon are dyed with Cherry Blossoms and leaves from the Cherry tree in Nance’s yard. The tree, while remaining firm in its roots, yields respectfully to the universal forces around it. Respect, balance, strength. The dance. The aged, deep smell that arises when you open an old book. She is instantly filled with story – both from the author, and of the many people that have opened that book before her. In this series Nance is exploring the concept of evolution, rebirth, and remembrance. As things come and go in our world each leaves a mark, a trace. Each book, once a noble tree; once telling its story through its rings of life, is filled with words telling the stories of humanity. And this too shall pass. Recycled, decomposed, it returns to the earth and takes on yet another incarnation. We follow the same cycle. What is remembered? What remains? This work explores how and what can be . . . parts and pieces reassembled and re-imagined, telling a story that is ever deepened by the many other stories already told in the fibers of its existence.