Nepal Mandala II

6" x 24"
Signature on the back


Acrylic on board, hang ready

Retail Price: $600

Minimum Bid: $200

Buy It Now: $900


Derek Nunn

This image is inspired by the texture of an ironstone wall as it naturally rusts and fades, becoming ancient and rich and deep. There’s tremendous calm and meditative stability in that kind of geology, a tough texture but a soothing quality, combining both strength and flexibility. Derek considers his paintings to be abstracted landscapes, inspired by the rhythms of color, light, and texture found in nature. He works to expose the underlying elemental energy of nature in all its simplicity. He incorporates modeling paste to add complexity and depth to his colorful surfaces, so that his paintings render some of the colors and sculptural characteristics revealed in geological strata. His series, Stepping Stones, is a collection of emblems imprinted upon the imagination in the course of a life, each turning up in its own time and place, coming together on the unfolding path, leading eventually all to one another. Some are auspicious, some memorial, all of them are hard-won and well-wrought. None of them are easy.