Not-So-Perma Frost Barcode

Mixed Media
44" x 7"
Signature on the back


Resin, mixed media low-profile wall sculpture, hang ready

Retail Price: $3200

Minimum Bid: $900

Buy It Now: $4800


Marcia Stuermer

Marcia Stuermer is a San Francisco multi-media artist who uses translucent resin as a primary medium to create her alluring artwork. Whether in her studio practice or with her art commissions, the elements of surprise, wonder and unforeseen beauty are central to her work. In addition to her studio practice, she’s the founder and creative director of Stuermer Studios, which offers architects and interior designers functional architectural details in resin for the built environment. Driven by an obsession for sustainability and a knack for alchemy, Stuermer often repurposes resin remnants from her company’s production projects with other unexpected elements and custom resin castings to craft her artwork. Informed and inspired by the duality of nature + technology.