Profit Paradise

Mixed Media
32" x 40"
Signature on the back


Collage financial papers and digital image, hang ready

Retail Price: $2500

Minimum Bid: $900


Phillip Hua

Phillip creates photomontages that blend images of nature celebrated against a backdrop of stock indexes from financial newspapers. The juxtaposition of nature and finance places these values fighting for attention in the same space. Which do we focus on? Which do we prioritize? Phillip’s materials suggest a subtext of desire and falsehood. The gold symbolizes wealth and opulence. But instead of real gold, the gold metal is merely a perception of gold, representing a false sense of abundance. All that glitters is not gold. What we assume to be an endless supply is, in fact, an illusion. He wants viewers to be lured by the beauty of nature and ensnared by the conscience of conservation.