Protect Me

Mixed Media
24" x 24"
Signature on the front


Acrylic on Panel

Retail Price: $1200

Minimum Bid: $400

Buy It Now: $1800


Belinda Chlouber

Working with her mother’s short stories, Chlouber incorporates text within many of her figures. We all have our hidden stories within us—they are always there but invisible to others. It’s easy to forget that most everyone is so caught up in their own story that they don’t really think about the stories of other people. We like to read stories, but if you look at a person you can’t know their story and even if you get to know them mostly their personal story is hidden (Facebook and the internet changed the paradigm on this somewhat). Belinda wanted the background to feel magical yet threatening at the same time with layers of complexity. She wonders if she should have titled it “Protect Us” instead of “Protect Me.”