Quantum Entaglement (Cobalt Green Diptych)

Drawings & Prints
10.75" x 8.5"
Signature on the back


Colored pencil on black paper, framed

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Tyrell Collins

Tyrell’s greatest aspiration is to produce a visual experience that transcends the visual, lines that create a semi-audible hum, work that evokes a sense of the physical energy of the universe and our experience of it. He draws with colored pencil on black paper using repeated, layered lines to create a vaporous, luminous atmosphere on the dark surface. He is attempting to create a visual suggestion of the overlap between physics and metaphysics, the outside edge of intellect and the inside edge of intuition. He is interested in this intersection, where proof and certainty meet imagination and conjecture. In his practice and in his drawings Tyrell is trying to inhabit and describe this ethereal, ephemeral territory. His drawings are the result of three decades of experimentation with two goals. The first has been to develop a visual language that illustrates a coalescence of the elements most central to his experience of the world. The other has been to develop the patience and technical skill with which to produce it. His work will be exhibited at the de Young Open when the museum reopens. It has been shown extensively in the Bay Area and New York City and at the Royal College of Art, London, England and the Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy.