Suddenly, Cross My Heart

48" x 48"
Signature on the back


Acrylic on canvas, hang ready

Retail Price: $4800

Minimum Bid: $1400


Katy Kuhn

Katy is a gestural abstract artist, taking her cue from both the natural and man-made environments, and even more often, her own psychological states in response to them. Katy’s paintings are works of fiction: from a blank page, line, color, shape, and movement are all created to invoke feelings, longings, and a sense of universal experience. In working abstractly the work is never fixed, but dynamic—one can see infinite relationships, constantly changing. Her paintings are organic, yet honed: spontaneity and energy are just as important as deliberation, composition and application of materials. It is paint after all; but the fact that its application onto a single surface can reach the deepest part of our psyches is nothing short of a miracle, and she paints to be part of that transcendent experience.