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14" x 14"
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Dry point etching, framed

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Jenny Robinson

Interested in the peculiar transience of the urban built environment, the impermanence of what is ostensibly permanent, Robinson’s practice emerges from the observation and study of a variety of structures and architectures that frame the contemporary urban experience. This piece is a unique print, and not an edition. It is waxed and a part of a series of small test prints she did for larger works, based on the empty playgrounds around areas of high crime in San Francisco. Increasingly inventive in her methods and use of materials, Jenny has developed novel techniques for making plates from large sheets of cardboard or aluminum, and printing with non-toxic materials. These innovative printmaking methods allow for spontaneity, experimentation and a scaling up of the size of her prints; each one being a unique and expressive work on paper. Originally from London, she studied for her BFA in Printmaking in the United Kingdom and has been living in San Francisco since 2001. Her work is firmly rooted in observation and on-site drawings, which are a direct response to her immediate environment. Jenny’s studio is in a postindustrial area of San Francisco, which has undergone massive redevelopment and gentrification.