30" x 40"
Signature on the Back


acrylic on canvas

Retail Price: $2800

Minimum Bid: $975


Greg Gummersall

Greg describes his work as the advance mystery of making aesthetic sense by working with puzzled balancings, coherent compositions, complementary colors, and surfaced layers into rhythmic shared things of beauty as the reward. His secondary application of ground over figure illustrates his unusual interest in balancing the spontaneity of chaos with the need for order. His large canvases are filled with gestural brushstrokes that may suggest symbols or signs, often capturing the feel of quickly-drawn graffiti. But this sense of immediacy is contrasted by the artist’s practice of building on his elements: he erases nothing, layers, his paint, and allows the history of his marks to remain visible. The sense of play evoked in each of his paintings is one of substance and meaning. His art has been exhibited in solo shows dating as far back as 1978, from Colorado to Chicago, California to New York, Austria, Germany, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona.