Sex and Sobriety

An ongoing group looks at navigating sober sexuality and attaining emotional intimacy. For gay and bisexual men with at least two months of continued sobriety from substances that have been problematic.


Taking the Wheel

An ongoing substance use disorder group that explores a different topic each week to help participants identify coping strategies to reach and maintain their goals of recovery from problematic drug and alcohol use. A 12-wek commitment is required.

Trans and Gender Support Groups

Ongoing support groups for trans-gender and non-binary people who want to explore their gender, relationship issues, self-esteem, and mental and physical well-being. Open to all genders.

Home Base Drop-In Group

Thursdays, 10:30 am-Noon. A harm reduction group for people who would like support in reaching and/or maintaining their substance use goals. Group is limited to 12. No intake required, please call AHP front desk at 415-476-3902 for Zoom sign in.

Living and Thriving with HIV Support Groups

Ongoing groups to talk about relationships, dating, sex, aging, being positive in San Francisco, medical issues, and more. Ongoing groups require three-month commitment.

Art and Harm Reduction Group

A 10-week group using art supplies and artistic methods to explore mental health and substance use concerns.


Seeking Safety

A highly structured group for people addressing issues related to trauma, substance use, and/or other mental health concerns. A new topic is explored each week with a focus on relating it to your life and building skills to deal with daily life struggles.

MAP: Making Action Possible

For HIV-positive people and those recovering from a disabling mental illness who want to discuss the possiblity of returning to work or other gainful or meaningful activity.

Wellness Group

Ongoing group explores issues of aging, building social skills, managing mental health symptoms, and living with chronic physical health concerns.

Mindfulness Practice

A 12-week skills-focused group, teaching mindfulness and grounding strategies to manage substance use, mental health, or physical health concerns. Exercises may be adapted to meet each person's needs and specific abilities

Improv in Recovery

An 8-week, 90-minute group that supports clients in reaching or maintaining their recovery goals by increasing social connectedness and belonging as well as building social skills through Improv exercises with themes related to recovery.


50+ Long-Term HIV Survivors

Ongoing groups for those with long-term HIV. Topics vary but include aging and specific issues faced by long-term survivors over 50, including a group for people with mental health concerns.

Gay & Bi Men's Group

Ongoing group for gay and bisexual men exploring issues of mental and physical wellness

For more information on eligibility, call (415) 476-3902 and ask for the triage staff person. Most groups require an assessment process.