30" x 24"
Signature on the Front


oil painting on gallery wrap canvas

Retail Price: $1500

Minimum Bid: $525


Sanda Manuila

Sanda Manuila’s oil paintings are stylized representational images that tell her passion for nature and the environment, and her concern for the threats of climate change. She depicts how native animals and plants interact and survive in adverse surroundings. With the COVID-19 pandemic her message has become even more exacerbated. For Sanda, painting has been a relief. “Afterward” means after life, the roses are dead, but they have retained their beauty. “Afterward” is how our world will be shaped by our denial of global warming. “Afterward” is after Nature has warned us and brought upon us extreme weather events, leaving us in disaster areas. “Afterword’ is when COVID-19 leaves us with a new normal. “Afterward” is when our children inherit a world we wouldn’t recognize. “Afterward” is when time has stopped. Sanda paints poetry.