Sponsor Levels & Benefits

Welcome to the 25th annual Art for AIDS auction! Your sponsorship means more help, more services, and more care provided to clients in crisis, those with mental illness, HIV, and those who are homeless and/or coping with substance use disorders.

Art for AIDS raises critical funds for the mental health and wellness of HIV-affected and LGBTQ+ community members at Alliance Health Project. Join us for the final virtual auction featuring 230 pieces of expertly curated art and a thrilling live gala on Saturday, October 16.

Your Impact

What impact do you want to have on life-saving HIV and LGBTQ+ Mental Health and Wellness?


You sponsor a year of individual psychotherapy for one trauma survivor living with HIV and mental illness


You sponsor a trans and nonbinary support group for a year


You sponsor a peer support group for a year for people with HIV


You sponsor HIV+ community members from homeless to housed


You sponsor a client in "seeking safety," a professionally lead trauma-related support group for a year.


You sponsor PrEP access to prevent HIV for young people of color and trans folks


You purchase five cellphones for homeless clients to stay connected 

Sponsor Level Benefits

In addition to making an impact on our clients and AHP services, sponsorship packages include ascending benefits at the Art for AIDS auction.