30" x 48"
Signature on the Front


abstract impressionistic painting of aspen autumn colors.

Retail Price: $3800

Minimum Bid: $1350


Katy Kuhn

Artists work solo for most of their careers, and the pandemic magnified this introversion. For Katy Kuhn, it gave her permission to approach work without the goal of it being seen or sold right away. It was a quiet introspective time, and the resulting series of work was very strong. She is a visual artist and she’s excited and inspired by both the natural and man-made environments in which we live and grapple: the beauty and the chaos, the harmony and the dissonance—her responses to them are visceral and channeling them onto large-format canvases is her best way to express that. She is focused on making work that results in creating an essence of something beyond our exact knowing—something intangible, yet existential; something mysterious, yet relatable; the sum being greater than its parts.