Black Lives Matter

Jury Award for Outstanding Artist
20" x 20" (print size is 14" x 14")

Generously framed by Underglass Custom Framing



Retail Price: $1400

Minimum Bid: $600


Sandra Chen Weinstein

Since the year 2020, Sandra Chen Weinstein has seen a reshaping and refocusing of the civil rights movement in America. The many tragic and unfortunate events propelled by excess force from police towards people of color and African American deaths were the most recent catalyst. It has been over 150 years since slavery ended in the United States. Since then, there have been many people leading movements and overcoming adversities to continue the fight against racism. While there has been much progress in the way of civil rights, equal opportunity, and reduced discrimination, it is easy to forget the individuals who broke out of societal norms and the challenges they faced. This portrait of the young boy gazing in silence with the American flag background echoes our past to the present. Sandra would like to use this image to encourage people and communities to continue an open dialogue.