AHP News

DK Haas

Communications and Development Officer

DK Haas is always striving to improve AHP’s reach and identity by focusing on effective fundraising, marketing, storytelling and branding. She began leading AHP’s year-round fundraising and communication efforts as the agency’s LGBTQ Community Liaison from 2012-2018. DK is also an active contributor to AHP’s Community Advisory Board through agenda setting, committee service, and new member recruitment. In the 1990s, as an AHP substance use specialist, she connected patients at ZSFG to housing, treatment and other post-hospital care. Later DK became an AHP HIV counselor certification trainer and educator and volunteered as an HIV test counselor. In addition to being a fierce advocate for services for underserved LGBTQ and HIV-affected clients, DK is an artist and long-time contributor to Art for AIDS.