Bust of a Saint Facing Outward from Moments in Other People’s Houses Series

16" x 20"
Signature on the Back


archival digital print, ed 2/25

Retail Price: $550

Minimum Bid: $200


Cynthia Rettig

We all die or move out of our homes at some point. That movement leaves a lot of personal stuff behind. Some material things we own deteriorate, erode, and turn to dust. Cynthia Rettig is interested in how light travels across furniture, rooms and windows. Time frames the absence of objects, markings of moved furniture, paintings, and footpaths on worn rugs. Patterns as consistent as time- the routine of life, it’s all there in a house. Clues, energy--the quirky way things connect us, the wealthy and working class have holes in their pajamas, outdated spices and books never read. Every house is a story and a constant reminder that all is temporary. Cynthia has an MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. She’s been working on this project, Moments in Other People’s Houses for three years. Currently a studio artist at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica. The image submitted was taken during COVID-19.