A Day's Journey

25" x 25"
Signature on the Back


oil on canvas

Retail Price: $1225

Minimum Bid: $425


Victoria Veedell

Victoria Veedell’s paintings are like memories, suggesting landscapes not necessarily seen but felt. They are an emotional response to the environment. She wants to share the way she sees and feels when she’s out in nature. Her fascination with the way light affects color and atmosphere keeps her excited to continue to explore and paint new landscapes. She feels like the possibilities are endless. Within each painting she hopes to create a sense of stillness and serenity. Her inspiration comes from her travels both near and far. Travel has become an important component in her work as it allows her to observe and compare gradients of color, light and atmosphere in different geographic locations. Her travels have taken Victoria to places such as Iceland, Shanghai, Kerela (India) and Japan. Whether it’s overseas or around her home in the Bay Area, she gathers ideas by taking walks and recording her observations with photography and watercolor studies. These become her memory of place and source of inspiration.