Golden Mesh Entraps thy Heart

24" x 18"
Signature on the Back


patinated brass and copper. thin strips of brass were woven together then attached to a sheet of copper.

Retail Price: $900

Minimum Bid: $325


Flora Davis

Ideas, things she’s attracted to, and potential forms, tumble over each other in Flora Davis’s mind as she works. This process generates the unfolding momentum necessary for her work to begin and be sustained. The woven series continues in this vein of discovery. What became immediately different with this group of work, was the introduction of the meshing of brass with steel; a technique that expanded the potential surfaces for patination while adding visual intrigue. Gradually the work evolved to include the cutting of, then weaving back into the metal, forming a tactile texture, and a variation to the smooth fields of color and pattern. While expanding upon her love of the amorphous forms and colors of the natural world, these pieces also integrate a more human element with the addition of geometric patterning. Flora’s overall intention is to create landscapes of beauty and mystery that invite contemplation and reflection.