Healer of Light

40" x 30"
Signature on the Front


acrylic paint on canvas

Retail Price: $2600

Minimum Bid: $875


Toni Littlejohn

A Bay Area painter and mixed media artist of long standing, Toni Littlejohn has gained recognition for her “Wild Carrots” ongoing series of art workshops, which she has led for twenty-nine years. A 1974 graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts), she has not only exhibited widely in her native California but has also presented a diversity of work in Russia, Ireland, Germany and Latvia. She is a founding member of Gallery Route One, a vital arts organization in Point Reyes Station since 1983. Littlejohn also has the unique distinction of having two of her artworks recorded in the onboard memory system of a NASA spacecraft which touched and collected rock crumbs from the asteroid Bennu, located between Mars and Jupiter. Working intuitively through a spontaneity that is informed by what is sensed, but not yet articulated, Littlejohn embraces the trust that each new mark will lead to the next, and that single hues will reference other colors in an ongoing series of associations, a series which ultimately elicits the path to cohesive forms. Of this process, she writes, “My art is based on a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice of lying on the earth in order to connect with it. With this contact, my intention is for healing the earth, humanity and myself.”