Meet Our Team

Our experienced and diverse training team delivers high-quality live and online trainings addressing a range of topics related to HIV testing and prevention, LGBTQ-affirming organizations and services, cultural humility, and substance use-related harm reduction.

Jen Shockey, MPH


Jen has worked at AHP since 2012 as a trainer, capacity building assistance specialist and curriculum writer. Jen became the Manager of the Provider Training and Education unit in 2018. Prior to working at AHP, they have worked in HIV/HCV Prevention since 1992 in a variety of positions from HIV testing and counseling, community outreach, syringe exchange and program management. Their extensive training and teaching background includes a variety of LGBTQ+ topics, including Trans Health, Diversity, and Inclusion. They also conduct trainings for the National HIV Classroom Learning Center on High-Impact Prevention Interventions such as Personalized Cognitive Counseling, Healthy Relationships, HIV Testing in Non-Clinical Settings and Testing Together.

[email protected] | 415.514.3594

Michelle Cataldo, LCSW


Michelle has worked as a trainer, writer, and clinician at AHP since 2005. For the prior 11 years, she served clients living with HIV and AIDS as a social worker for Contra Costa County. She has the pleasure of leading trainings on behalf of the California State Office of AIDS and the National HIV Classroom Learning Center, as well as on a variety of LGBTQ+ topics, including Trans Diversity and Inclusion, LGBTQ+ Health and Aging, Welcoming LGBTQ+ Patients, and Mental Health Disparities in LGBTQ+ Communities. She trains on High-Impact HIV Prevention Interventions including Personalized Cognitive Counseling (PCC); Testing Together (TT); and HIV Testing in Non-Clinical Settings (HTNS).

[email protected] | 415.476.2626

Darrell D. Mcelvane


Darrell has worked as a PrEP navigator, HIV/HCV test counselor and phlebotomist for AHP for the past five years in our Sexual Health Services program. He joined the PTE team in October 2021 as a Trainer/Curriculum Writer. Prior to AHP he has worked for Stop AIDS Project and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. He has been doing HIV prevention work for the past 15 years and has loved every minute of it. He holds the belief that in every conversation, there are three things we all want to know: Do you hear me, do you see me, and does what I say matter to you? As such, it has been his goal to help people of the LGBTQ+ community live meaningful and fulfilled lives by allowing them to feel heard, be seen, and know that their stories matter. 

[email protected] 415.502.7270

Mary Salazar


Mary has worked in the HIV prevention field since 2013. She began as an HIV test counselor, and utilized a variety of rapid testing technologies. Her most notable testing experience occurred when she responded to the HIV epidemic in Scott County, Indiana, in 2015, driving a mobile testing unit there from Los Angeles. She created a mobile testing clinic, and conducted street outreach to clients in rural areas of the state, testing scores of clients. The experience underscored Mary’s passion for harm reduction, data-driven public policy, and the importance of providing services to marginalized groups in a manner that is proactive, rather than reactive. She draws on these values in her work leading trainings funded by the California State Office of AIDS, as well as the National HIV Classroom Learning Center. In addition, she develops curricula and webinar presentations on a variety of topics.

[email protected] | 415.502.3989

Stephen Scott, MSHSA


Stephen has been working in HIV prevention and research since 1995. During this time, he has worked in a variety of positions, including outreach, HIV testing and counseling, program management, HIV prevention research, and community development. He has been with AHP since 2007, and has been a trainer since 2010. He conducts various trainings contracted by the California State Office of AIDS, and also trains on the Personalized Cognitive Counseling (PCC) and Testing Together (TT) High-Impact Prevention Interventions.

[email protected] | 415.502.7270

Neffitiria Staton

Logistics Coordinator

Neffitiria has worked in the HIV field since 1995 with Ameri-Corps. She was assigned to Santa Rita County Jail as a case manager in the re-entry program. At Santa Rita she worked with HIV positive inmates to reconnect with their children, find adequate housing and drug/alcohol treatment programs. That same year she worked with Summit Hospital’s Black Healthy Infant project to address the mortality rate of HIV positive woman during childbirth. In 2014 Neffitiria redirected her attention to become a part of the administrative team at the AHP Services Center.  In February 2020, Neffitiria became the newest member of AHP’s Provider Training and Education team as the logistics coordinator. She supports the trainers with production and logistics for their online and in-person trainings.

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