24" x 36"
Signature on the Back


my photographs are printed on metal with a process that dye infuses them directly into specially coated aluminum producing modern, beautiful images with a special luminescence.

Retail Price: $750

Minimum Bid: $275


Debra Reabock

Debra’s work is about transformation as a lifelong process. Her journey is about discovering how she can make a difference through her art. She is a PhotoPhilanthropist that combines her vision of photography with philanthropy. As a San Francisco based abstract photographer, she enjoys transforming imagery of modern urban architecture and Nature into unusual geometric shapes, forms, and stunning designs. Her creativity, inspiration and delight come from revealing what's hidden from initial observation. Debra can often be found lying in the middle of a street or in some contorted position to create a unique view. Her intention is to encourage the viewer to lose their common interpretation of the subject transcending boundaries for an expanded outlook. It’s noteworthy that half the time people ask if her photos are paintings!