Overture II

24" x 24"
Signature on the Front


oil on canvas

Retail Price: $2400

Minimum Bid: $850


Tracey Kessler

In Tracey Kessler’s work, layered abstractions are born and transformed by nature's elements of wind, rain, sunlight and time. She often weathers the object or painting outside for a natural feeling. She explores the circumstances of life through a diversity of media, textures and gestures, which imbue her compositions with vitality and a sense of motion. Tracey’s work mediates between turbulence and joy. As layers of material are melded and molded by hand and time, the beauty and path of the piece begins to appear. She often uses architectural and design elements in her mixed-media work as well as art historical references to explore color, themes and objects.  During Covid-19, Tracey has churned a lot, a lot of work.  She welcomes studio visits!