The People and the City (triptych)

6" x 18" triptych
Signature on the Front


oil paintings on cradled birch plywood panels

Retail Price: $600

Minimum Bid: $225


Mila Kirillova

Mila is a San Francisco Bay Area artist whose work is inspired and informed by her background as character animator, and by her love of figurative art and of street photography. She finds herself being constantly seduced by color and light, fascinated by the people she meets on every street corner. In her paintings Mila tries to capture the beauty of each one of those elusive moments. She finds inspiration in the city where she lives, in the golden glow of the sunrise and the warmth of the afternoon light. Mila’s work over the past couple of years was focused on people in urban landscape, capturing an instance and depicting every person as a small puzzle piece in the life of a city.