Reading In The Dark

30" x 30"
Signature on the Back


collage, acrylic, ink, oilstick, oil pastel on wood panel

Retail Price: $950

Minimum Bid: $350


Carrington Arredondo

Carrington Arredondo is a San Francisco mixed media artist & former graphic designer. Their prepress cut and paste life evolved into bookbinding and paper collage. Carrington now paints abstract compositions using collage and typography as under layers. Building up layers, then sanding down through acrylic paint reveals symbols, words and secrets. They like to finish with primitive mark-making. Unconcerned with making beautiful things, Carrington relies on intuition to produce bold shapes, texture & contrast. Perfection is not their friend. If unsatisfied with results, they will destroy their work as easily as create it & begin again. Carrington’s work does not reflect or document anything to do with the pandemic era because they are not influenced by current events, nor do they choose themes that may date the work.