Rusty Door in Rome

25" x 20"
Signature on the Front


archival print on fine art paper

Retail Price: $750

Minimum Bid: $265


Marco Berliocchi

Marco Berliocchi is a Rome-based artist focused on Fine Art Photography. He has studied fine arts and photography at the Rome University of Fine Arts, at the Central Saint Martins School of London, and at Stanford. He also has a Philosophy Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Rome. He started out as a painter and then discovered his passion and talent for photography 15 years ago. The focus of Marco’s work is to catch landscapes and glimpses that convey a feeling of suspension and magic. Through photography, he seeks peace and significance. His images are a reassuring gate to something spiritual and metaphysical beyond the visible. He believes that art can remove the dust from our ordinary lives and that it can be a leap towards something higher and spiritual. Marco’s artworks have been exhibited internationally and are in numerous private collections in Europe, Asia, and America.