Shades of Time

15" x 23"
Signature on the Back


quilt of vintage watch parts embroidered onto raw silk remnants, naturally dyed (walnut frame under museum acrylic)

Retail Price: $1750

Minimum Bid: $625


Rachel Leibman

As a collage and mixed media artist, Rachel Leibman creates detailed and meticulously constructed artwork from watch parts, buttons, fabric, wire and more. She collects things that intrigue her and often keeps them for several years before deciding how to best incorporate them into her art. She uses source materials and traditional techniques to convey her deep sense of history and pay homage to those who came before.

The pandemic kept Rachel at home and led her in a more intimate and quiet direction. She foraged for plants in the kitchen and backyard and set big, smelly pots of dye boiling on the stove. Dyeing and sewing were meditations, grounding her and keeping panic at bay. Even though Rachel is now back at work in her studio at Arc in SOMA, this newfound intimacy remains an important part of her art.