The Study of Structure

23" x 9" x 3.5"
Signature on the Back


mixed media assemblage of repurposed found objects (vintage tool box, bird skull, rodent skull, deer vertebrae, anatomical paper figures, glass test tube, articulated letter puzzle, typewriter key, magnifying glass, vice handle, numbered nails, metal folding yardstick, and tension adjustment bar)

Retail Price: $600

Minimum Bid: $225


Dianne Hoffman

Dianne Hoffman likes to link organic objects from nature with industrial and figurative remnants by combining complementary muted color schemes to harmonize dissimilar media. The narrative facet of each piece often derives from the variety of music she is listening to, a phrase that strikes her, or a sentiment she’d like to give a visual context to. Her intent is to portray a delicate balance between light and dark by depicting the sincerity found in their unified stories. Her submission this year is from a series she created in 2020 that explores the fragility of humanity and how we must learn from the past to make sense of our future while resisting the temptation to return to a disingenuous "normal".