When Old Becomes New

36" x 24"
Signature on the Back


painted in the earth elements of indigo, iron oxide, and titanium, this piece evokes light and atmosphere to evoke the healing powers of morning light.

Retail Price: $1400

Minimum Bid: $500


Nance Miller

Nance Miller is a Bay Area painter working primarily in oils. Using only her hands, no brushes, she moves the pigments on the canvas, focusing on light and atmosphere. Her influences are Rothko, Turner, and the Hudson River School of painters. During COVID, landscapes were her escape. While she was profoundly blessed in having her family’s health, and her own health, it became quickly apparent that having a destination – of any sort – was sorely missed. So, her saving grace through shelter in place was going to her studio and creating destinations in her imagination. The pieces she created during this time all focus on light and atmosphere as these qualities seemed to take center stage when all of the “normal” life distractions were removed. Particularly the light of early morning. She felt the strong healing power of this magical hour and wanted to share it.